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A Message for Physicians

When you encounter a patient who snores, has trouble sleeping and is persistently tired, you probably suspect they have sleep apnea. The next step in most cases would be to refer them to a sleep doctor for an overnight study in a sleep lab.

What if you could treat them yourself, creating an added benefit and convenience to your patient and increased earning for you?

Overnight sleep lab studies have a very negative stigma. Many patients who suffer with symptoms of sleep apnea never get diagnosed, because they dreaded the time, discomfort and expense of traditional sleep lab studies. Un-diagnosed and untreated, their apnea would persist and could contribute to a host of other health issues including stroke, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Now you, their primary physician,  can offer them an alternative to the traditional sleep study and continue to treat them for their sleep apnea.

Sleep Management offers you the opportunity to provide your patients an at-Home Sleep Test device. This easy to operate device is comfortable for your patient to wear and generates the same accurate information needed to diagnose a patient with sleep apnea. In 3 easy steps they are ready to get started. It allows for a better representation of a typical night’s sleep since the patient is sleeping in their normal sleep environment. No more overnight stays and being hooked up to a bundle of wires, no more prying cameras. The best part is, the information is sent to Sleep Management’s accredited sleep physician for diagnosis, and that diagnosis is then relayed back to you, their primary physician.

Your patients will benefit from a convenient sleep study at home, a faster diagnosis (5-7 days vs 3 -4 months)and substantially lower co-pays from use of the device.

Rest assured, Sleep Management’s software will provide you with accurate data and ongoing CPAP compliance to better manage your patients from a dashboard in your office.

You, will retain your patient, and treat them for an issue you previously had to refer them to another doctor for, all while gaining additional revenue from follow-up visits.

With Sleep Management’s in-home sleep study you can help start the process of guiding your patient to a healthier, safer sleep today and experience increased profits for your practice in the future.

Sleep Management is accredited with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Contact us today.