Home Sleep Testing

Home Sleep Testing

What is a sleep test?

To effectively diagnose and treat sleep apnea, an over night sleep test must be performed. During the test, respiration and oxygen levels are monitored. Good indicators that sleep apnea is occurring are disruptions in breathing or drops in the person’s oxygen levels numerous times during the sleep cycle.

Home Sleep Testing (HST)

Home Sleep Tests, the equivalent to in-lab sleep tests, are small, portable testing devices that make accurate sleep study testing possible in the comfort of the patient’s own home. An at home testing unit is strapped around the patient’s chest , with only a nasal canula placed around the head and pulse oximeter attached to a finger.  This easy to use device is worn overnight, generating the data needed to diagnose sleep apnea. No bundle of wires, no prying eyes, no startling wake-ups, just your own pillow, your own bed, maintaining your own privacy.  Additional advantages of the at home test are faster results and faster diagnoses with substantially lower costs or co-pays.

Sleep Lab Testing

Until recently, the only way to take a sleep test was to be referred to a sleep specialist and be tested overnight in a sleep lab. The experience in a sleep lab does not replicate the everyday sleep environment of the test subject very well. The subject must spend the night in an unfamiliar room, while being watched or videoed. A bundle of over 20 wires must be attached to the subject, and multiple items through the night they may be woken up if a wire comes undone. In addition to long waits in scheduling the tests and getting results, the cost or co-pay to an individual can be extremely expensive. Many people have reported that they can’t sleep well in the sleep lab. There is a phenomenon called “the first night effect” that leads us to not sleep normally in a new environment. Not only do people find it harder to fall and stay asleep in a different environment, but the normal sleep stage pattern may be disrupted. For this reason, there are strong reasons to believe that in many cases home sleep test might actually be more accurate than lab testing.

The Sleep Management Process

Sleep Management’s goal makes your sleep study experience fast, smart, easy and inexpensive. When you request an at home sleep study from our website, we’ll get the process rolling by contacting your doctor for you. Once approved, we’ll ship the home sleep study device directly to you. You’ll be able to take the test in the comfort of your own bed. The day after your study you’ll send the device back in a prepaid mailer. Sleep Management’s on staff sleep physician will analyze the sleep data, generate a diagnosis and get that  information back to the physician in 5-7 days vs. 3-4 months that a sleep lab would take. It’s that easy!

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