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Good Sleep is Important for Your Health

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Get tested in your own home and avoid an uncomfortable night in a sleep lab.

Cost Savings

Home Sleep Testing  costs substantially less than in-lab sleep tests.

Quick Results

Your home sleep test is reviewed by our board-certified sleep physician, who gets results to your doctor in 5-7 days.

Sleep Apnea Solutions

Prescribed PAP therapy and adhering a sleep management plan reduces the health risks of Sleep Apnea.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Do you snore? 45% of adults do. People used to think snoring was a sign of a good deep sleep. However, today we know snoring could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder  leading to daily drowsiness and higher risks of heart attack and stroke.

Solve Your Sleep Apnea in 4 Easy Steps



Simply click on the orange “Request a Sleep Study” button on the webpage. Sleep Management will contact your doctor. Once approved we’ll ship a sleep study directly to you.



Sleep with the device for one night. It gathers data while you sleep in the comfort of your own bed. The next day you mail it back to Sleep Mamagement.



Our sleep tech scores your test and our sleep doctor uses that information to diagnose your problem. The Diagnosis is sent back to your doctor for consultation and treatment.



The use of a CPAP device should stop nighttime breathing problems and the health issues associated with them, as well as making you feel more rested.

Your Home Sleep Test

The Sleep Management home sleep testing (HST) device is designed to help patients get their study done right the first night. Compact size, minimal sensors, and easy to understand icons make this device easy for patients to set up themselves while limiting discomfort while they sleep.

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